“Playing music is all about creating a really unique experience for ourselves as well as the audience. It’s about entering a higher place, where there’s beauty and inspiration… along with an element of mysticism.”

— Hemingway’s Cat guitarist Lorah Yaccarino

No shows booked at the moment.

The Woodstock, New York-based band’s new release (due Dec. 23), Next to You, combines funky, danceable grooves with gritty, hard-edged rock and exotic Middle Eastern textures. Known for their euphoric club gigs, Hemingway’s Cat weaves music that moves the soul, as well as the feet.

Next to You - free download

Produced by renowned engineer Julie Last (Madonna, Joni Mitchell, Ricki Lee Jones), the EP Next to You is packed with radio-ready modern pop that’s both intelligent and addictive. Inside are gems like the title track, an expansive, uplifting performance marked by soaring alto sax and lyrics of romantic optimism; “While It’s Hot,” a go-for-it dance floor anthem that swirls with propulsive African rhythms; the empowering “Get Over It” (written by earthy-voiced singer and drummer Denise Parent) and the band’s tour de force, “Dancin Dakini,” a heady invocation of the tantric female deity that never fails to get audiences up and moving.

Hemingway’s Cat was formed in 2008 by Lorah, a veteran of the punk/alternative scenes in New York and Arizona and such acts as Ritual Motion, Ghostyard and Sacred Fire. The band debuted with 2010’s Siberian Surf before finally crystallizing into the lineup of Lorah Yaccarino, drummer and vocalist Denise Parent (Big Sister, the Deadbeats), vocalist Daniele DeBellis(Stella and the Hudson Valley Hot Club, the Gypsy Jazz Band,) saxophonist Mark Nahnsen (the Big Blue Big Band, the B-Boys), and bassist Wayne Orr (Up All Night).



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  1. GuitarGal says:

    Hey we are excited to play our first NYC gig at The Alphabet Lounge on Ave C Saturday June 9th at 8:30 come out and prowl around with us.

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